Do you prefer your master's right or left eye? Which one is more beautiful?

The butler thought over the question a little. It was an interesting inquiry which made him notice that he had not paid attention to such a detail.

His Master’s both eyes were very beautiful. He knew a lot of human females would kill to have eyes like his. As they were really shallow in heart and cared so much for their surface instead of their insides. He found it funny when the demon was described as the sin being incarnated while he could care less about the trivial matters such as physical appearance but the humans would destroy for such a thing in a jealous rage.

He had to admit though. His Lord’s eyes were a little too exquisite for his own sake.

"While his eyes, both so very rare and beautiful, I have to say I prefer his right eye. After all, it carries my contract and it shines with such a lovely dark light…" and it shows that he belongs to me. he said with a kind smile.


Sebastian Michaelis, on the quest of the Werewolf.
Hey :), so I would like to know if I could post your edits o wehearit, but giving the credit and posting the source of course. I will understand if you don't want it, it's just that I don't want to post them without the autor's permission because that wouldn't be right!

Please don’t. If you post them on weheartit, someone from there will probably re-post it on tumblr.

Love the bolog! Quick question. Where can I find your scanlations for kuroshitsuji? thanks!

No longer available as it is already on manga streaming sites.

» This is not okay.


Hey, I recently got a tip off from someone that somebody uploaded the scans/translations of kuro Side Story to Mangainn without permission or even crediting. 

I think it goes without saying that smirking-raven and I spent a lot of time cleaning and translating those scans. It’s really not okay for things to just get uploaded even without being asked first and without credits.

I know its the internet and shit like this is bound to happen. BUT THAT DOES NOT MAKE IT OKAY OR EXCUSABLE. I won’t be doing translations in the future if shit like this happens.

Dear Smirking-Raven, Thank you for your scan for side story, if you do not mind may I transfer to Chinese copy? Thank you

Hello. Yes you can as long as u give credits =)>

thank you and chocolatea-earl very much for the scans and translation!! uvu <3

You are more than welcome! Im very happy to be able to share it <3

hello I wanted to ask us a fansub Italian and we are delighted that you have shared 'Kuroshitsuji book of circus side story' in English. We asked if we can take your raw and translate from English to Italian audiences, with your permission and your credits. (We'll post your tumblr link (your source) and another credit whatever you want to show ) Thank you for your attention

Yes you can translate it as long as you give credits to this blog and chocolatea-earl =)

Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus Blu-Ray Inside Cover
Edited and Scanned By Me
when i see ur face sebastian im like... wow. ?? and when i look at mine im like WOW!!

His face took a blank look at the way the Guest worded what they thought. Such a modest human I am serving today, he thought with a sarcasm.

He could not help but feel wonder to the amount of various humans with various thinking living in this world.

Some was very bashful, with their looks and their intelligence and with their everything. They would not accept that they were good at something even though their fellow kind told them otherwise. They would keep thinking the same; that they were not enough, that they were not good at anything. While some was just like this Gray One was. Proud of what they had, with their faces, their quick wit, and their life in general.

The demon liked the former more. Because they were easier to hunt, for them to search a solution to make themselves better, they unknowingly fell into the trap of the demon who gave empty promises and hallow words.

"I am interpreting that you like your face, dear Guest. How nice it is to hear that you are satisfied with yourself as you should be." he smiled softly.