*runs up to Sebastian and hugs him from behind* Sebastian... I need comfort... and hugs...

The demon tried to hide his frown. It would not good for the Phantomhive name if the butler behaved rudely towards the Guests…But sometimes he really wanted to rip them apart with the way they acted like the annoying reaper would.

He gently removed the arms of the Guest from his body and turned towards them. He smiled kindly while feeling the annoyance rose inside. As much interesting humans could be, it seemed the level of their annoying behavior could not be ignored.

They were pitiful really. Such a irony, them needing comfort from the devil himself. Thanks to the humans like this one, he and his kind did not need to feel hunger for long. There were always going to be humans who would throw themselves into the arms of the devil…into the their own destruction and oblivion.

"Please sit down here, dear Guest." he said while taking the Gray One to the comfortable seats in the Guest Room.

"I will prepare you a calming tea immediately after informing your footman to get your carriage prepared. I am sure you will feel more relaxed in the familiar settings of your own home." he said charmingly.

Well, if the Guest stayed longer, he might do something he might regret later…After all cleaning the blood off of the carpets would be a bother when he was this busy.


What do you think of Ciel taking in Snake?You have to admit,he's(Ciel) rather good at acting..

The butler raised his eyebrows. He did not reckon what he thought about his Master keeping Snake was important. After all, he was simply a servant to bring forth every wish of his Lord.

While his Lord certainly was good at acting, he did not think everything he had said to Snake had been just an act.  He knew his Lord had not been happy with the things had turned out, that he had been feeling off about the death of circus members and the children. The butler did not know for sure if the boy had felt regret or simply a little bit of a sadness, but he supposed the reason he had taken Snake under his wings was mostly because the boy considered it as some sort of a dept being paid or an atonement.

Humans had very interesting and different emotions which demons like him could not comprehend, so it was always entertaining to watch them struggling under the weight of their own feelings and getting destroyed pitifully by them or being the victim to the demons as him.

"My Lord definitely knows how to act, dear Guest, but I am in no position to judge my Lord about his decisions. I am simply a servant who will abide his wishes and desires." he said with a bow.


» RP with smirking-raven


He shrugged the navy blue pea coat on with his butler’s assistance and silently walked to the door of the study without bothering to wait for Sebastian, knowing that he would follow in suit anyway. The little Earl smiled briefly as his walking stick tapped his way down the hall way. His butler’s ‘loyalty’ was most amusing but also a valuable tool. Ciel enjoyed pulling on the imaginary chain attached to the choker, that was the Contract, from time to time.

The sky was overcast and there was a slight cold wind that carried the scent of autumn. It was truly a pleasant day. After awhile of walking, he finally spoke up.

"What you said earlier. You are not to degrade my fiancee like that. Do not insinuate that Elizabeth is no less the pure girl she is, know your place… and your boundaries, demon.Ciel pursed his lips thinking of his wife-to-be. She was so white, pure and virginal… and he… he was drowning, in the filthy tar that smeared his being from head to toe that the wicked Demon bathed him in… everyday, every hour, every minute… Unable to fully wash himself clean of Sin and Depravity, even if he wanted to, the blemished Phantomhive continued to sink into Blackness, allowing Corruption to stain him further.

The demon smiled at the way his Master had taken the lead. As always the boy would wait for no one. The child, of course, knew his butler would follow him without telling him to, but sometimes the demon could not help but wonder if it was alright for the Young Lord to trust the hold of the contract this much. Not that he would do anything to breach it, but it was only because he chose not to do, not because he was not able to.

As they walked out, the demon breathed the fresh and cool air in. Even though he did not need to breathe, it was still nice to let his human lungs taste the cleanness in the air.

He was about to ask if his Young Master would like to seat himself near the roses when the boy started to talk.

As he listened, the demon could not help but raised his eyebrows in surprise. Now now, how in the world his tiny Lord had managed to come with the idea of him degrading Lady Elizabeth. The butler felt another smile crawling on his face as he stared at the darkened face of his now silent Lord.

"Young Master, I was not aware I had said something which was insulting for Lady Elizabeth. I was simply asking if I should get her opinion on the matter of deserts’ recipes which could be found in the magazines women read." he said calmly with a kind smile.

"Or maybe, Lady Elizabeth is still not considered as a young woman in your eyes…Even though she is taller than you and better with swords." he said with a little hint of a mockery in his voice.

"She would be very sad if she hears you do not see as the woman you are supposed to marry someday.” he said.

He knew the darkness in his eyes might be clear for his Master to see, but he also knew such a thing would not make the Young Lord cower in fear.

"I am just an one hell of a butler."
                          -Sebastian Michaelis, Chapter 97
"Those white fingers remain unsoiled.
A dirty off-track scuffle."
» RP with smirking-raven


His butler had walked out of the room before he could even respond. Irritated, the boy picked up the ash tray that was sitting on his desk (used for when business clients or otherwise came to visit the Manor) and threw it after the demon. He scowled when the object merely bounced off the door frame with a loud bang and rolled across the floor uselessly. He thought of all the things he would say to his rather presumptuous butler when they would go for their walk in the gardens soon.

As he waited for Sebastian’s return, he walked towards the window and opened it. The cool smell of autumn set his senses tingling and the sky was beginning to take on a rather perpetual grey. Coloured leaves were starting to scatter. Soon the garden would wither and die for a season, turning bleak and obsolete. This would probably be one of his last chances to visit the rose garden as roses did not bloom during the cold, harsh English winters.

Ciel let out a small laugh. Roses, as beautiful as they were, were one of the easiest flowers to plant and set to bloom. What simplicity it was, to merely bloom and be looked at. It was almost like cheating at life. One could only strive to do their best and achieve their goals before they were trimmed before their time.

With the Earl’s hat and coat in his arms, he butler walked back towards to the study where his Master probably was busy with pouting and getting angry by himself.

He had heard the noise of something hitting the door just after he had walked out of the room. The boy probably had lost his composure for a moment and threw the nearest object to the door and he was sure if he had stayed in the room a minute longer it would not have been the door his Lord would vent his anger on.

His smirk got even wider, he was in a good mood. Teasing his Young Master definitely was one of his favorite ways to spend his free time with and the boy did not make it easier with the way how fast he would flare up.

He knocked the door before coming in. His master was looking through the window, seemingly breathing the fresh autumn air in. He could understand why the child would want to take a walk outside, the weather was splendid today. He always loved this season in which everything shined with a pleasant golden color before they died and became one with the earth.

"I am sorry for the wait, Young Master." he said while holding the coat for the Earl.

Yo Sebastian, how to get close to Grell?

The butler blinked a few times before putting a blank look on his face. He could not help but felt a little insulted as with this question Gray One had implied the demon knew, in other words had wasted time to find out, how to get close to the irritating and bothersome reaper.

He felt the usual annoyance rose inside when the butler thought about him.  He really did not understand why the Guests he was visited with could even imagine he would try to get along with the Red One.

He sighed. Sometimes humans could be very strange, he did not even see the reason behind the Guest’s need to be closer to that Death God. From what he had gathered the demon was not the only one who was irked by the behavior of Grell Sutcliff. It seemed he annoyed almost every creature he came into contact with. Tastes really vary for everyone, I guess.

He put a gentle smile, “Unfortunately, I cannot answer to your inquiry, dear Gray One, as I’ve never had a reason to be close to him.” And I hope it stays the same from now on.

"But from what I’ve seen, that reaper likes handsome males and the color red…I am sure you can come up with something by using these two little inputs." he finished with a wider smile.

"The devil inside
The devil inside
Every single one of us the devil inside"
How dare you try to eat Ciel.

The demon breathed a laugh. Dare? Gray One was talking as if the delicious soul of the Earl was not promised to him, as if the boy himself was not aware of the final which was waiting for him at the end of his journey…

He should ask how this human had dared to give such an inquiry when they had no business whatsoever with the contract he had made with the little Lord. It sounded like they thought they were capable and worth to try protecting the boy. How ridiculous.

"I am not sure what you are trying to say, dear Gray One. Could it be you are talking about the one time which took place in the Green Manor of Miss Sullivan?" he asked calmly with a voice which did not show any amusement  and mockery he was feeling.

"I thought I made it clear. It was a necessary act for my Lord to recover from the nightmares which plagued him." he said, a smile forming on his face.

"Also, my Master already expressed his opinions on the matter and I do not think he would appreciate a stranger to try protecting him. As it would make him sound like he is weak, don’t you agree, dear Guest?” he said darkly.


S-sebastian...I LOVE YOU! >//////<

Another one? The butler suppressed the urge to roll his eyes at the pathetic confession. Humans would never learn, they were going to keep getting entrapped by the charms of the devil to reach their pitiful last trip.

He wondered how this girl ( or any other human ) could think she loved him when she did not even know the real him. He could forecast that this human female, too, would be begging him to spare her life, that she would do anything to protect it in weakness and tears if he ever happened to show his true face to her.

It was really foolish. For them to easily fall for the mask he was wearing, without considering what was happening inside the shell…He felt like they were trying to find ways to terminate themselves.

He gave a dark but kind smile.

"Thank you for your feelings, dear Lady. But for your own health, I suggest you to annihilate those feelings you are holding for me." he said softly.

Or it will be you who is going to be annihilated in your piteous search for love…