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He lifted an eyebrow. The demon felt a little surprised with the way how relaxed humans could be…Such an interestingly private matter they were asking about. One would think they would be too embarrassed to even imagine it, considering the time they lived in. But he guessed he underestimated the humans and their curiosity.

He smiled mysteriously to the Guest. He was not going to tell anything of course. Sharing that kind of information would be like inviting officers from Scotland Yard for them to try and take his Lord and him for committing actions which should not be committed.  Not that they could do anything to his Lord or him but the boy still would not be happy with the rumors. And the corpses of the officers they would have to clean up afterwards.

"Now, what are you suggesting dear Guest? How can I know if he is good or bad in that matter? It is almost impossible for us to even think about such things let alone act on them." the butler said kindly. Almost.

Mr Sebastian, I have had enough of seeing his fake side of you, I'm sorry if I sound demanding, but would you allow me to see the true nature behind those polite words of yours. It has now become boring to see such kindness coming from one of the strongest creatures. I know it is not something worth asking, but I ask, quit the act and show your true form.


"I know your a demon. Why don’t you show everyone the real you?"

The demon blinked a few times at the requests of the Guests. Especially to the way the first one worded their wish.

He smiled in a dark amusement. Ah, how foolish their desire was…They thought they were brave enough to be present in the same room with the real him, that his true form and the feelings he would give off were something endurable. The way they thought they could loom at the devil in the eye was hilarious and ridiculous in a way that the demon almost felt pity at their naivety…if only they understood how different he was from what they imagined when he showed his real face.

His little contractor was probably one of the really rare humans who did not become fazed at the sight of his actual form. And he had the right to order him to show his true side, not these pathetic humans, so of course he was not going to humor them.

"You had enough you say…Dear Guests, no matter what you tell me, as long as I am not ordered or it is not something beneficial for my master, I will not show the monster behind." he smiled more kindly than usual, as if to irritate them even more with acting opposite of the way they had wanted.

"After all, it would be bad for my Master’s image if two of his Guests pass on due to heart attack in his mansion."

"Deep into that darkness peering,
 long I stood there, wondering, fearing,
 doubting, dreaming dreams
 no mortal ever dared to dream before."
                               -Edgar Allan Poe
"Sebastian prepare my afternoon tea"

The butler stopped arranging the books on the shelve to look at his Young Lord.

They were currently in the study of the boy, while the Earl was -or had been- working on the never ending pile of papers, the demon himself was tidying after his little contractor.

The boy had a sour expression as always. It was clear that he was trying to find a way to take a break from the work related necessities he had been focusing on. He probably should have found a proper excuse to run away for a while though. It was not even noon yet and the Earl was demanding an afternoon tea. Really now.

"My Lord, If I bring your afternoon tea now, you will end up with spoiling your appetite and you will wake up in the middle of the night because you probably will not eat enough in evening.” he sighed exasperatedly.

I'd quite like a new butler in the household. Perhaps you would have an interest? House elves get rather boring after a while.

The butler lifted his head from the tea he was serving to see the handsome face of the dark haired male.

He straightened up, smiling to the Guest. He had lost the count of the same offer he had received over the time. He guessed he was going keep acquiring them in the future as well.

House elves? He was about to reply when he noticed the turning and shifting of the air around the male. Ah. So this person was one of the humans who were able to use the not so natural talent called ‘magic’. It had been a while since he had been approached by one of them.

One would think that the demon would be delighted about the advance of a not so ordinary human…but to him, this person and his kind were more human than any other one. He knew how they called the ones without magic by another name, a subtle way of saying how superior they were, even though the rest was also human just like them. He also knew about the war for power, when it actually was a war to satisfy one’s ego. How deliciously human were they with their never-ending arrogance and conceitedness.

Also, this man reeked of something the butler did not like. That scent also caused all his feline friends to disappear in displease. This was something he definitely could not accept.

"I am sorry to decline Mr. Black but I am currently in another contract which I am content with. I am sure there are more capable individuals who would be very pleased to work under you." the demon said with a wider smile.



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While you have all this "divine" abilities, you don't know how it feels to be weak like a human. You're watching us, of course but you've never experienced uncertainty, the human-esque struggle. It's amusing, isn't it. Yet, you know we're unfinished masterpieces. I really think you demons hate us for our potential.

He lifted his eyebrows. This one felt like they were boiling in a fury which the demon did not know what he possibly had done to get such a reaction.

Why would he want to feel uncertainty or weakness? The Guest was talking as if having those perceptions was something good to posses, when in reality, even humans, themselves, tried to hard to not feel these unrestrainable emotions. Indeed, watching them struggle with these feelings was amusing, but he was not the only one who was watching. They were ignoring the fact that how some of them would just turn their head away from the misfortune of their fellow kind, or how some actually felt a cruel sense of accomplishment in the suffering of others.

It was really easy for humans to put the blame on anyone who is not them. 

Hate? He smiled in amusement. He had told this before, he was not a being who would feel hatred easily, and hating humans was just a hilarious idea in itself. Why would he hate his own food?  Poor, pitiful human, thinking so high of themselves, ignoring their weak wills and weak hearts which would beg the devil for mercy when they felt the breath of the death on their necks.

"Dear Guest, I think you are misunderstanding me, I do not hate your kind. Actually I am very thankful you exist…After all, I am not keen on being starved." he smiled softly.


*licks ur faec*

The demon tried not to react in a way which could kill the Guest, but he could not keep the crawling disgust from showing on his face at the sickening act.

He knew some humans could be very pert, but to go and lick someone’s face, someone who was a total stranger…The butler felt irradiation rose inside. He was a creature who did not think much of humans and he certainly did not feel happy if one of the said beings pull a stunt like this on him.

He held the shoulders of the Guest with a not so polite way, and put a respectable distance between them.

"Gray One, please, refrain from acting in such a scandalous way. This behavior of yours is very inappropriate."

He put a smile on his face. “If you want to lick something no matter what though, I am sure I can find you some good hounds around. Certainly, they would be very thrilled to have your affections.”


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*tugs on his tailcoat* o~o

The butler blinked to the odd way the Guest was acting. He had been walking towards to the study to inform his Lord about the arrival of the Guest after serving the tea for them when they had held on his tailcoat and started to fight with it.

He kindly freed it from the hands of the Guest and turned towards them. His face was epitome of calm but actually he felt a little annoyed. Humans could be really bothersome sometimes.

"Yes, dear Guest? Anything else I can provide you with?" he asked, smiling kindly.