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"As you can tell, I’ve been incredibly tense lately. Another moment in this manor will surely lead me to madness," The boy said with a groan, "I’ll go anywhere as long as it’s not here." 

The boy sighed and took a sip of his tea. After a few moments of silence, he looked up to see the butler’s perplexed expression. “Is this a problem?” he asked the raven haired demon.

Well, at least the boy was being honest. It was also understandable why the earl was in such a bad mood. He was not someone that loved noise and commotion to begin with, it was only natural for him to desire to leave the mess the servants were making.

"Of course it is not a problem, my Lord." he said in a calming tone. No need to insist for them to stay here as he knew it would simply be useless. Well, it was not like the demon would get tired from a trip and he guessed he could re-organize the schedule for a few day vacation.

"Would you like to go to home in London, Young Master? Though I am not sure if it would do well considering Prince Soma is also there." he asked smiling.

Who knew? Maybe his Lord just needed to see different faces.


Hello, *bows* I have a question about demons in general, such as you, Claude, and Hannah. If you could, would you explain why, if you do not feel such emotions as us humans do, then why was Hannah, as I see it, in love with Claude, or was just that she... admired him? Is it possible for demons to love other demons, yet have no movement of your heart- in a romantic, may we say, way- for a human?

The demon smirked. Another question about demons being able to love. The humans would never give up on romanticizing everything, even demons who did not feel the way humans did, to their liking.

He admitted, of course, that the she-demon could not be called ‘normal’ in his realm. Though he could not help but wonder if the feelings she had for the spider demon or whoever else were not because of the souls she had consumed. From what he had gathered, she had started to care about that Trancy brat after eating his brother’s soul. It was possible that the same thing had happened when she had consumed Alois Trancy’s. His feelings for Claude Faustus might have influenced her.

For him, being affected by the souls one consumed was a sign of weakness, and he could only smile in mockery at the foolishness of those demons. Being overwhelmed by their foods’ feelings…How ridiculous.

"There has been one or two abnormalities in my kind, dear Guest. But this should not be applied to all the demons. Most of us are unfeeling, cruel creatures who put a charming mask to trap our victims. To me, love for either a human or another demon is simply impossible."


what's the closest thing grell's gotten from you, non appropriate wise

The butler blinked at the question. He did not understand how the Guest had come to conclusion that the annoying reaper had gotten something from him.

Appropriate or not, he did not remember giving anything to the red reaper. Of course, that ridiculous man had tried, but the demon was not helpless to not being able to stand his ground.

He shuddered in disgust when he thought about what the annoying reaper would want to get from him. Seriously, there were a lot of reasons to kill him off and be done with it.

"Nothing, dear Gray One. He’s gotten nothing from me and I am intending to keep it that way." he smiled.


Ciel's Recovery || Chapter 95
Dear Sebastian, what are you thoughts towards that spider demon, Claude Faustus? Your rivalry was short and tragically beautiful, but what is your take on your relationship?

The demon tried not the frown at the mentioning of that foul demon. He had stated his thoughts about the spider before. There was nothing The Phantomhive Butler liked or considered admirable about him. He was a demon who did not even have aesthetics, which was something unacceptable for the butler.

Tragically beautiful? He almost laughed loudly. There had been nothing beautiful or tragic about their rivalry. The only tragic thing for him had been the spider demon’s existence itself. That demon had stolen something from him, something he had worked hard to acquire, and he could not say he was someone forgiving. How he wished that he had killed that foul demon the first time he had seen him.

Relationship? The Trancy Butler had been a simple hindrance he had gotten rid of. Nothing more.

"I already told my thoughts about him, dear Guest. I do not believe there is anything else to be added. That demon was a bother I got rid of." he bowed in a fake respect.


Okay so I was just browsing through blogs and I found yours and I started listening to the music and it's awesome. Can you tell me the name and artist of it?

You can find them on credits page. ^^

Stupid question coming up. Would you ever dye your hair a different color? If you did dye your hair would it be the same as if a human dyed their hair? Like would it fade.....

The demon tried to not show the little impatience he felt with the Gray One. Another one who confused him with humans. The demon was almost sure by now that these kind of asks would not end as long as he walked on this earth.

Why would he need to dye his hair when he could change his appearance at will? It was not as if the face and body he was currently using were  parts of his true form. He could be almost anything the contractor would want him to be. Dark or light, long or short, he could change almost every part of him without doing the ridiculous things humans did to look better.

He guessed that one of the reasons he kept getting these inquiries was because how human he looked. The ones who saw him automatically thought that he was using human methods to keep his appearance as it was because of how human he sometimes acted. How wrong they are.

"I do not need to dye my hair to change its color, dear Guest. Just wishing for a change is enough for me to have a different style. And I am not a human who needs to keep changing everything about themselves to feel better so I would change my hair color to whenever my contractors would want.” he said smiling.


hai * waves *

The Butler smiled kindly at the Gray One who seemed to show up out of nowhere. The mansion was full of guests these days. He wondered briefly what kind of event had triggered the visits of them.

"Hello, dear Guest. Is there anything I can help you with?" he asked with a calm and charming smile.

you laughed at ciel secretly,oh dear.

He smiled in amusement as he remembered the way his Young Lord had been looking. He had not quite tried to hide his laughter though. He was sure that the Earl had known he had been laughed at by the demon. Which made things even more funny.

Of course he would use any opportunity to tease and torture his Master. And he had been in such a tight place. He could not reprimand the demon for the methods he used, not could he make an order to stop it. Ahhh, how fun it had been.

"Indeed, dear Gray One. I laughed but I am not sure if it should be called as ‘secretly’ as my Lord knew that I was laughing. You have to admit though, he had been such a sight."

It had been always like this. His young contractor and he never stopped playing games with each other, to tease and try to best each other. They kept trying to find ways to annoy and torment one other. It never stopped being enjoyable.