why are you always questioning the means behind the curiosity of a guests question? saying you do not understand why we inquire on such impossible things? do you really lack understanding of the human brain and emotions?

Oh my. Did I anger them, I wonder? He thought in amusement. It was interesting, he generally was very polite with answering gray ones, but it seemed some of them could read minds well if they started to guess what he had been thinking while replying to the questions.

Why would this one expect from him to understand the ‘human brain and emotions’ when he had told them over and over, he, indeed, could not understand why humans felt what they felt.  Oh, he had the knowledge of the feelings they harbored. He knew they felt curiosity, attachment, love and a lot of other senses and emotions, and he used this knowledge to his gain. But it did not mean he understood why they felt. He could not understand a longing for a disappeared past nor he could understand the love they had for each other. He simply was not able to.

He did not have a brain of a human, he was a demon. It would be very foolish to think that demons’ and humans’ minds worked in the same way.

"Dear Guest. I already told you I could not feel human emotions, of course I watched what those feelings did to humans, how they reacted and how they were controlled by them, so it is very easy for me to use these information I’ve been gathering for ages to my benefit." he replied with a smile.

"It does not mean I can understand the reasons behind those sentiments though and It is pretty normal considering I am not human and I don’t have a human brain.” he stepped a little closer to the Gray One.

"Could it be that you are incapable of understanding simple matter of me having a demon mind?”

Sebastian, do you believe it possible for humans to essentially be demons, maybe minus the whole soul consuming thing? Like, in the way they talk and act, some of their motifs.

He blinked in surprise. It was not an inquiry he had been expecting, one he had not thought over much. Still though, the answer was quite obvious for him.

Essentially be demons,eh? He smirked darkly. They could be of course. They had the potential of doing terrible things, they were doing horrible things every day. Actually, they could be much worse than the demons they were so afraid of.

Demons, generally at least, worked through contracts. Most of them did not go out of their way to cause chaos and panic. They did not see any reason as long as they had the souls which could calm the everlasting hunger they felt. Humans though…They did not need contracts to do bad things. They did whatever they did just because they could. The case of his Young Master was a prime example to it. Just for wealth and an immortal life, people had killed innocent children. How more devil they could be?

"Dear Guest, if you look around, you will see how demonic humans could be. Some of the acts they commit for their selfish desires would come first if you happen to put them in a scale. I, at least, am bound by a contract…What binds humans?" he asked mockingly, getting pleasure from  taunting the human with the wrongdoings of their kind.


» "Forevermore" (University AU)


The boy took the hand of the Professor and their eyes met once again. His touch gave Ciel a familiar feeling as well as everything else about him so far. Even though Ciel felt some dizziness coming up, he tried to ignore it and behave normally.

The whole day had been rather unusual so far and he felt as if the meeting with the psychology professor was a dream, the melancholy and nostalgia the man caused in him were too absurd to be real. But even though they had never met before (Ciel was sure they hadn’t), the man seemed to be even more affected than the young boy himself. As a matter of fact, he seemed to be suffering. For a short moment there was so much pain and horror in his rusty-brown eyes, that Ciel froze. It felt like a ice cold hand, which threatened to choke the boy, as he realized that he was the one, causing this pain.

'Why is he giving me that look?' Ciel was confused and actually very glad, as the man let go of him and headed back to his desk. He was clearly forcing the smile on his face, which bothered the newly minted student. He decided not to say anything and sat down, still keeping his eyes glued to Prof. Michaelis.

The auditorium was about to be filled by the freshmen. They were loud and gave him the feeling of standing in the middle of a big bees’ nest. Ciel, who usually didn’t enjoy huge crowds of people, felt relieved. On one side he didn’t have to bear the irritation he felt every time Michaelis was close to him and on the other side he could observe the man more thoroughly without looking like a weirdo. Maybe he would find an explanation. Maybe it would stop. 'There must be a reason why he makes me so uncomfortable. No, why we make each other uncomfortable.'

The lesson started as soon as all student sat down. Ciel took a pen, ready to makes notes, but he knew he will not be able to concentrate to the lesson anyway.

Sebastian started to gain his control back as the fresh college students started to fill the class. The familiar sound of buzzing and clattering of learners had a soothing affect on his aggravated nerves.

He erased the expression on his face into a focused one. As he stared to the students, he could not help but felt satisfied with the variety of them. Here, in this auditorium, stood every kind of human being with different personalities, different opinions and different perspectives. How fascinating it was.

He kept looking intently on the students and had to hold back a smile as they got silent and started fidgeting in an uncomfortable fashion when they noticed the stare of the professor. The power of eyes, such an efficient method of keeping the calm the class.

After the last of the students got elbowed into the silence, he let a warm smile unfold on his face, making the occupants of the class relax almost immediately.

"Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen. As some already might know, my name is Sebastian Michaelis and I will be teaching basics of psychology this year." he started with a deep and rich voice. He was sure he saw some female students leaning forward to get a better view.

"According to the path you are going to take, you might spend more time with me in the next few years…" 

He smirked. he could almost hear the groans and surprised inquiries he was going to receive after saying what he was going to say.

"But till then, to let me get to know you better, how about a test?"

While he had a good memory, he preferred to not interrogate freshmen with their names and what they had achieved till now in front of the whole class. The results of the test they were going to take would be pretty much telling anyway.

How old are you

The demon lifted an eyebrow. He really could not guess why his age mattered to a mortal being. It was not as if the Guest could do anything with the information. Not that there was such an information.

He had stated over and over that he could not remember his origin, so how could he remember his age? It had been such a long time, he had been walking on earth far too long to keep track on his age or any other facts humans seemed to care.

He smiled to the Gray One while recalling how some humans, especially human females, tried to reverse their age with ridiculous paints and coatings, how they struggled to cloak the signs of the death which would find them no matter what mask of youth they would put on.

"I do not know my age, dear Guest. It has been a very long time for me to remember my genesis, let alone my age." he answered calmly.

"I do not have any desire to find out. I exist and this is all it matters."

Has there been any other good souls or perhaps close to Ciel's that you've consumed in the past?

The demon started in distance as he tried to remember the contracts he had made in the past while wondering why the past was this important for humans. He did not understand why they pondered on it this hard when it was already gone and lost.

Some scenes from his past started to fill his vision, but as he guessed they were blurry and unimportant, not worth to being remembered at all. Of course there were souls more satisfactory than others and a few interesting events which had been seasoning for the main dish…Still none of them had held the extraordinariness his Young Master did. They had not had the wickedness and the unexplained innocence at the same as his Lord had. He was a contrariety in himself.

He looked into the eyes of the Gray One, “I don’t think, or at least I don’t remember any souls like or close to my Young Master’s. My little Lord is such a rare human being that I am not sure if it is possible for me to meet another like him.” he said softly.

"But dear Guest. I am not someone who gives importance to the past. So even if there had been good and delicious souls, I can say there were not good enough to leave an impact."

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The fear of death is more to be dreaded than death itself.
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